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1. Intellectual property rights

1.1. The Buyer, the Concerned Person or the Website User accept that all elements of the Website, all content information and materials thereof, the trademarks used on the Website, as well as any other messages, images, videos, code structure, buttons, graphic and design elements, selection and use criteria of the Website are protected by intellectual property rights in favor of INOMEA SRL. Using the Website does not imply that the Website owner grants the Buyer, the Concerned Person, or the Website User any intellectual property rights over the Website or any content thereof.

1.2. The Buyer, the Concerned Person, or the Website User shall not reproduce, convert, modify, disassemble, distribute, lease, rent or make available, by any form of public communication, any of the elements indicated under point 1.1., shall not allow public access to any of these elements, shall not exploit, in any way, either directly or indirectly, the materials, elements and information obtained through the Website, unless expressly authorized by the Website owner.

2. Errors

The information related to the Products and services presented on the Website will be considered by the Buyer, by the Concerned Person, or by the Website User subject to any misspelling that may arise by mistake. Moreover, the prices, the Product information and the images may contain errors or mismatches other than those resulting from misspelling.

3. Disputes

3.1. Any possible dispute between the Buyer, the Concerned Person, or the Website User and the Vendor/Operator/ Website Owner will be first settled amicably and insofar such a settlement is not possible, the litigation will be settled by the competent courts in Romania. Moreover, these provisions do not leave out the possibility for other competent institutions to intervene.

3.2. Considering the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 38/2015 on an alternative settlement of disputes between consumers and vendors, the Buyer may voluntarily submit its complaints against the Vendor to entities applying alternative dispute settlement proceedings in an independent, unbiased, transparent, effective, expedite and equitable manner, in order to make sure that consumers are highly protected and that the market operates properly.

4. Competent authorities

The Buyer, the Concerned Person, or the Website User are entitled to inform the National Authority for Consumer Protection, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, or the National Communication Management and Regulatory Authority in connection with any act that in its opinion affects its protected rights.

5. Notifications

Any notifications, complaints, or suggestions in connection with the Products, the Orders, the Website, as well as in connection with other matters that the Vendor/ Operator/ Website Owner could be held liable for shall be sent to

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