Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum

Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum was born as an artistic olfactory laboratory.

After years spent in haute couture, design and luxury, Francesca decides to treasure inspirations and experience gathered to fulfil her dream: translate emotions and language of senses in unique and valuable perfumes, tell and share unforgettable stories with her olfactory creations.

All Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum fragrances are to be "interpreted", elegant, unusual, and able to magnify the connection with one’s inner self.

As in an endless mirror game, Francesca Dell'Oro’s perfumes lead back to a complex and multifaceted reality, now lighter and more frivolous, now provocative and dense, sometimes accommodating and romantic, sometimes contradictory and irreverent, but always bright and dripping “joie de vivre”.

An iconic and rigorous bottle, but also charming and seductive, that blends retro allusions and postmodern deconstructionism.

Classic and contemporary at the same time and in the same hand, this combination best represents the style of Francesca Dell'Oro today.