Terre Initiale


620 Lei 100ml

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Jardin de France

Eau de parfum

Woody - Aromatic - Fruity

The Earth reveals its treasures

Terre Initiale deliver’s its aromatic richness and woodiness the way that a wine reveals its flavors.

At first glance, this sapphire elixir resembles a great vintage whilst the first nose is dominated by scents of wormwood and red berries.

Followed by more subtle fragrances of the davana flower, which mark the heart of this velvety fragrance.

Finally, underlying hints of cedar wood and incense bring out the spiritual facets of the patchouli.

Top: Red Berries, Zest of Mandarins
Heart: Davana flower, Wormwood Leaves
Base: Virginia Cedar, Resins of Incense, Patchouli Wood